Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t I need a licence, registration or insurance to ride an EzyBikes?
Despite the perceived scooter/moped appearance of EzyBikes, in the eyes of the Australian Department of Transportation, they are considered simple ‘ELECTRIC PUSH BIKES’, and regulated as such, due to the fact their ‘ELECTRIC MOTOR DOES NOT’ exceed the Australian Government’s max. output of 200W and because the bikes are outfitted with PEDALS.
Where can I ride my EzyBikes?
Pretty much anywhere you’d ride a traditional push bike so long as you’re in compliance with the Queensland Government’s helmet regulations. Keep in mind, however, that as EzyBikes are electric and, therefore, slightly more involved, paved roads and bicycle paths are the ideal surfaces to be ridden on.
How much pedalling is required on an EzyBikes?
How much pedalling you do is determined by the rider’s weight and the topography of the area you intend to ride your EzyBikes. In flat conditions riders in a weight range of up to 110 kg, pedalling is completely unnecessary. However, upon encountering hills, a heavier rider will need to pedal to assist the bike’s electric motor.
What type of batteries power an EzyBikes & What is the life span on that?
EzyBikes are powered by silicone gel batteries because we feel,in terms of cost and performance, silicone gel is hands down the best value for your money, also the battery last up to 350-400 charges.
How do I recharge an EzyBikes?
Each EzyBikes comes with a small, compact charger that you simply connect from any 110v-240 v socket directly to the recharge receptacle on your EZY Bikes. There’s no need to remove the batteries.
What is the average range of an EzyBikes on a single charge?
Up to 55 Km
How long does it take to recharge an EzyBikes battery?
From completely flat an EzyBikes silicone gel battery will take anywhere from 4-5 hours to fully recharge.
How much will it cost to recharge my EZzyBikes battery?
At the current (March 2011) electricity rate of 21. 355 cents (including GST) per kw, we compute the cost of a charge in the following manner: At completely flat it will take max.6 hours to fully recharge your batteries. At any time the power supply delivers max. power of 48V x 1.8Amps which equals 86.4W which, for convenience sake, we will round up to 90W max. This mean a total cost around 11.53 cents  for full charge  to go approx.45km-55km.
How do I test drive before I buy?
Yes, you can free test ride at 3269 Surfers Paradise BLVD., Surfers Paradise, QLD.
What if I need spare parts or accessories?
We carry a wide assortment of spare parts for all EzyBikes models. No need to worry.